Show your Cabrini pride in the lead-up to Giving Day! Take a pic of you and your family in Cabrini spirit wear and share on social media with a caption like, "Please join us and give like a Monarch on November10!"   Or how about joining in the fun and learning our official "TicTok" dance - "Spread a Little Happy".  Use the QR code to learn the dance and make your own reel of the performance  then post to your social media. Don't forget to use #givelikeaMonarch and tag Cabrini Grade School, Cabrini High School, Cabrini Parish, or Cabrini Alumni! 


Click the "Get Inspired" button below for fun images and text to spark creativity for social media posts that will get your networks excited about Giving Day! 

Be an influencer

The spirit of giving that fills our campus and the whole Cabrini community in the weeks leading up to our Mother Cabrini Day of Giving is what makes it so special. Join in and rally your networks. It is easy to send your friends, family, and colleagues personal notes and social media posts along with a link to our Day of Giving site. You can multiply your impact by influencing others to give and spread the word.  Click on the button to learn more and access images and text to help you get your networks excited. Keep checking back as we are still building and updating our images and adding text.


Our Mother Cabrini Day of Giving was a success last year because Monarchs like you worked together to spread the word. Using social media, email, and word of mouth, Monarchs encouraged their friends, family, and colleagues to make a difference by supporting the mission of Cabrini schools. Keep reading to learn how you can get involved ahead of November 10.

Become a Monarch Ambassador

You can amplify your impact by joining the Monarch Ambassador Challenge. This allows you to champion a particular "cause" (academic program, existing club, Monarch Theatre Troupe, varsity sport, memorial scholarship, or spiritual formation) and rally others to support you. Your cause will compete with others on our leaderboards. The Monarch Ambassador with the most in donation revenue by the end of the Day of Giving will win funds for their cause!

Your role as an official ambassador will be to use texts, phone calls, emails, and/or social media to ask your friends, family, colleagues, fellow alum, and others to go to cabrinidayofgiving.org and make a gift to your cause.

Once you have registered as a Monarch Ambassador, your name will appear on the donation page and the Monarch Ambassador leaderboard. Direct your supporters to find your name on the donation page when they make their gift. You and your team will be able to follow your progress on the leaderboard throughout the day on November 10!

We have a new tool this year to help you raise money from your circle of influence! Venmo is a quick easy way for people to make a donation. The best part is Venmo donations can even be made before the big day! Make sure to tell your supporters to name you or your cause in the comment as their Monarch Ambassador. (exp. MA- John Smith or MA-Cabrini Monarch Theatre Troupe)

So get your networks fired up and ready to #givelikeaMonarch! Click the button to sign up to become an official Monarch Ambassador.